Holy Spirit High School

IMPORTANT! ~Student Drop-Off & Parking Changes~

Student, Parent & Guest Parking  

 All parking for students, parents and guests will be at the south end of the parking lot closest to the California Avenue Apartments. Please enter using the Main Driveway off of Route 9 and turn RIGHT only. All students, parents and guests will park behind the fencing. Pleasefill in each consecutive parking space- do not skip spots - as space will be limited. Students should still enter the school through the Cafeteria doors, and all parents and guests must still enter through the Main Entrance and report to the Main Office. 


Exiting the Parking Lot

To exit, please leave your spot driving one-way toward the football stadium, turn right toward the apartments and exit either out the California Avenue driveway or follow around to the Main Driveway. Please give special care when turning left onto the Main Driveway.


Student Drop-Off & School Bus Drop-Off 

Busses and parents will drop students off in the back of the school. Please enter the driveway off of Route 9 at the north end of campus - the entrance closest to the Korean Church building (former convent). 

As you approach the building, please pull as far forward as possible to keep the line moving.Students may enter the school through either the Gym doors, the doors by the loading dock, or once dropped off - walk around and enter through the cafeteria doors. Students will continue to report to the Cafeteria until the homeroom bell rings.

Exiting the Parking Lot

After your child is dropped off, you may exit by either turning right and go out the Main Driveway onto New Rd. (Rt. 9), or drive straight ahead (past the football stadium) and exit onto California Avenue.



  • When entering the property using the main driveway, you must always turn right.
  • When using the back driveway, it is one-way toward the football stadium only.


Faculty & Staff Parking

Our faculty and staff will be parking in the Gravel Lot behind the Gym and entering and exiting school through Gym doors.


Should you have any questions, please contact Mr. Steve Normane.


Thank you for your cooperation and patience!