Holy Spirit High School

Tuition Information

2016 - 2017 TUITION AND FEES

Tuition (1st child): $8,550
Tuition (after the 1st child): $7950
School Fee: $50 Due August 2016
Registration Fee: $250 Due March 2017  (non-refundable)
Graduation Fee (Seniors only): $200 Due March 2017
Technology Fee (Freshmen/Sophomores/Juniors): $50 Due August 2016  (non-refundable)
Additional Expenses: Uniforms & Textbooks


Holy Spirit High School partners with the FACTS Tuition Management Company to help us manage our tuition payment program and tuition assistance assessment. FACTS is used by all of the Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Camden.
With FACTS Tuition Management Company you will be able to:
Choose your payment dates:
*  You may choose either the (payment date(s) offered) each month as your payment date. Automatic payments can be made from a checking or savings account or from a variety of credit cards (if applicable.)

*  Be assured of Convenience & Security: Along with multiple payment plan options, your payments are processed securely through a bank to bank transaction.

*  Have Peace of Mind Insurance: FACTS offers this optional benefit for only $14.00 per year per family. In the event of the death of the Responsible Party or spouse, the remaining tuition balance owed for the current school year is paid to the school.

*  Have access to your Consumer Account: You may check your personal account or make payments online from the convenience of your home or office anytime. You may also speak with a customer service representative 24 hours a day.
Credit Cards Now Accepted For Tuition Payments

Visa, MasterCard and Discover Credit Card Payments can be made at the Treasurer's Office or via the phone at 646-3000 x331. The 2.5% fee charged by the credit card company will be added to your payment.