Holy Spirit High School

Welcome to Boys Crew!

Fall crew is the perfect time for new rowers to learn more about the sport of rowing, get familiar with our boathouse, our coaches and their fellow oarsmen. Our fall season is short (ends the first 2 weeks of November) but is followed with erging (in the Erg Room) at the school through the winter followed by our Varsity season in the spring. The start of spring crew (around the 3rd week in Feb) is dependent upon the bay. If hasn’t thawed they will begin their spring season in the erg room and then move to the boats and training hard for the racing season.

The Holy Spirit Boys Crew team is truly a family tradition. Our team is successful every spring because of the hard work of the boys and the dedication of their families. The HSHS Boys Crew Team Parent Association is vital to that success. Our executive board, listed below kindly asks that you complete the Athlete Information Form and return to our secretary, Amy Hoffman 609.839.4235 or amyhoffman2001@comcast.net. This sheet will also help us to keep in better contact with you and relay important information to you as it becomes available.

President:            PJ McGettigan       609.412.6364      pjmcget19@aol.com
Vice President:  Bonnie Buchan      609.618.2685      buchanbonnie@gmail.com
Treasurer:           Brian Curran          609.839.0068      bcurran@caringinc.com
Secretary:           Amy Hoffman         609.839.4235      amyhoffman2001@comcast.net

We wish all the Spirit oarsmen a great fall crew season and look forward to the spring.


Dear Future Spartan Oarsman: 

Holy Spirit Boys Crew is looking for a few good men. The Holy Spirit Crew team is a proud tradition known throughout the world as one of the top high school crew programs with County, State, National and World Champion titles.

Colleges and Universities recognize the Holy Spirit name. If you want to attend to any college with a crew program, they know Holy Spirit. They know they are getting a top notch student athlete.  If you compare our crew athletes with any other sport, you will find our boys have a better chance of getting into the schools they want and receive significantly more in scholarships and financial aid.  All sports are very competitive, but if you are looking for a sports program at Holy Spirit that offers you the best competitive edge in standing out amongst your peers, Holy Spirit Boys Crew will do that for you.

We are looking for boys who are willing to become a part of this tradition. We want boys who are willing to work hard (physically and mentally) to achieve their goals.  Rowing experience is not necessary. You will have the opportunity to learn from proven, successful coaches who have decades of experience and have competed and won at the highest levels of rowing. Holy Spirit Boys Crew will provide you with the best opportunity to become confident in yourself, work as a team, and to become a leader.

To learn more about this great opportunity, feel free to ask any of the oarsmen at school or visit the Holy Spirit Boys Crew web site at www.holyspirithighschool.com (athletics section). You can also reach out to Coach Michael Giegerich via email or at the phone number below.

Best Regards,

Mike Giegerich
Head Coach – Holy Spirit Boys Crew 


The Holy Spirit Boys Crew would like to recognize the 40th Anniversary of the Varsity Eight that won the Schools First Ever Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup at the Royal Henley Regatta in 1974 on the Henley-on-Thames in England. The Crew had previously won during the season the Philadelphia City Scholastic Championship, Stotesbury Championship and Scholastic Rowing Association of America Varsity Eight races. 

This is the First Time any High School in the State of New Jersey ever won this prestigious rowing award that exemplifies a World Championship. 

We would like to recognize our Alumni Rowers for that incredible accomplishment.

  • Bow Seat – Jim Thompson
  • 2 Seat - Geoff Lapres
  • 3 Seat - John O’Connor
  • 4 Seat - Mike Peacock
  • 5 Seat - Mark Brestle
  • 6 Seat - Mark Fickler
  • 7 Seat - Tom Reed
  • Stroke - Ken Monar
  • Cox - Leo Egnor
  • Head Coach - Stan Bergman

Congratulations to Our Home Town “Boys in the Boat” once again!!

Head Coach:
Mike Giegerich'78
Assistant Coaches:  
Stan Bergman
Ernie Huggard'75
Dan BryzGornia'77