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Welcome to Boys Crew!


May 12th at McGettigan's 19th Hole! Come out and enjoy some fun with friends, make new ones, learn about Boys Crew "Then, Now and In the Future!", and raise money for our Boys! All alumni, current families, and incoming freshmen families interested in learning more about the Legendary HSHS Boys Crew Program, are encouraged to come join the fun!

2017 Boys Crew Calendar & Race Schedule

Changes to races or practices are subject to change.

Please sign on to Remind101, Facebook or Twitter to stay updated.


Fundraisers, Service Hours & Socials

March 11, 2017 Mass and Kick off Dinner St Elizabeth Ann Seton Church 5pm-9pm

May 12, 2017-  (7-9pm) Celebrity Bartender McGettigan’s 19th Hole - Alumni Call Out


Spring Crew

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 

*Everyday directly after school at Viking Rowing Club

*Saturday at 8am at Viking Rowing Club




March 19, 2017  -  Manny Flick #1   -   Philadelphia, PA   -   Phillyflicks.com

March 25, 2017   -   Lenape Sprints 1   -   Mays Landing   -   SNJSRA.com

March 26, 2017  -  Manny Flick #2   -   Philadelphia, PA   -   Phillyflicks.com

April 1, 2017   -   Lenape Sprint 2   -   Mays Landing   -   SNJSRA.com

April 2, 2017   -    Manny Flick #3   -   Philadelphia, PA   -  Phillyflicks.com

April 8, 2017   -   Lenape Sprints 3  -   Mays Landing   -   SNJSRA.com

April 9, 2017   -   Manny Flick #4   -   Philadelphia, PA   -  Phillyflicks.com



Friday, April 14th – Saturday April 22, 2017 -  MORNING & AFTERNOON PRACTICES AT BOATHOUSE

(bring lunch, snacks, water, warm/ dry extra clothes)


April 232017  -   Manny Flick #5   -   Philadelphia, PA   -  Phillyflicks.com

April 29, 2017  -  Garden “States” Regatta  -  Cooper River (Nationals Qualifier)  -  SRAA.net

May 6 & 7, 2017  -   PSRA “City Champs”   -   Philadelphia   -  Phillyflicks.com

May 14, 2017  -   Atlantic “County Champs”   -  Mays Landing   -  SNJSRA.com

May 19 & 20, 2017   -   Stotesbury Regatta   -   Philadelphia   -   Stotesburycupregatta.com

May 26 & 27, 2017   -   SRAA “National” Champs   -   Cooper River   -   SRAA.net

June 6, 2017   -   End of the Season Banquet   -   Angelo’s Fairmount Tavern   -  ACNJ


** Parent & Athlete must register for event

Hello Parents!

Since our parent meeting in December, we have made our final preparations for Spring Crew.

Here is an update of what is going on:

  • SPRING CREW - set to begin on Tuesday, February 21, 2017 after school at the Viking Rowing Club – bring sneakers, shorts, sweats, hat, gloves, anything to be either inside or outside – if they can get on the water, they will – they will run and/or work out upstairs of the boathouse.
  • JITNEY - We will be in touch regarding the cost – should be around $70-90 as we announced in the DEC meeting. Historically it has been $70 and we will do our best to keep it there.
  • UNIFORMS – have been ordered. Will arrive in early March – Please bring final payment with you no later than the Kick Off or send to PJ McGettigan or bring to beef and beer. $87.50
    • OLD UNISUITS – can be turned in for a $25 credit – turn them into Bonnie for credit and reducing your uniform fee – this can be applied to uniform fee if you hand it in at the same time.
  • ADIDAS STORE – will be open for 2 weeks starting February 20th. Great opportunity to purchase new Spirit Crew Performance Gear i.e. shorts, tee shirts, ball caps for either practices or races. No obligation but if you need Spirit Crew Performance Gear you must go here as we no longer carry merchandise. Take a look and see what is available for you and your rower.
  • FOOD FEE – due at kick off $125
  • FINAL FEES – based on the number of Flyer raffles sold, banner sponsorships sold or the cash raffle projected tickets sales, fees are due by kick off.
  • FUNDRAISING - $10 reduction in fees for each fundraising event you participated in. I have a list of rower participation that I will forward to each parent for credit to reduce fees.
  • BANNER SPONSORSHIP – Deadline March 1, 2017 with artwork.
  • SERVICE HOURSMAKE SURE THEY ARE COMPLETE by the start of spring crew. Rowers were given a service hour sheet at the community food back to complete – they were returned to them signed by a spirit representative – if you don’t have it redo it and I can sign off on it.
  • REMIND101 - we have only a few rowers left to sign up if you haven’t already, please do ASAP.
  • CELEBRITY BARTENDER EVENT – May 12, 2017 7-9pm - If anyone has a vendor or could ask a vendor for a gift card, we are making baskets to raffle off - please let Bonnie know.
  • MASS KICK OFF – March 11th Mass and Kick off Dinner St Elizabeth Ann Seton Church 5pm-9pm
  • CENTER CITY SLAM – Feb 11, 2017 Registration is open – it is voluntary, however, getting an official erg time is important for college recruitment and helps our coaches to help you set goals.
  • GREENHEAD SPRINTS – March 4th, 2017 – another opportunity for official erg time.
  • RACE SCHEDULE CHANGE – we will not be participating in the first Manny Flick on March 19, 017 but there will be practice that day as usual.
  • FAMILY INFORMATION SHEETS – only a few families need to complete this for their rower – please check with me if you are not sure. Click here to print the Family Information Sheet.
  • PHYSICAL FORMS – If you have not done them yet for this year, please click on school website and complete the 9 physical forms and permissions and submit to school nurse.
  • US ROWING REGISTRATIONS – if you didn’t participate in fall crew, please check to make sure your registrations are current and dues are paid.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact, Bonnie Buchan, PJ McGettigan or Amy Hoffman (609-839-4235).

Thank you so much to everyone – we have had great participation in the past 9 months with fundraising and team building. We hope that everyone feels ready and excited for a great season.





Required Paperwork and Memberships


Center City Slam


Before you login into - Centercityslam.com


Ask Coach:

  1. The category for your son (lightweight, novice or open weight)
  2. Your son’s current erg time

Have a credit card ready $10 fee due at registration.

Log into Centercityslam.com   click “register” (it will take you to the site - roninregistration.com)

Pick a category and enter “1”Boys High School (Lightweight, Novice, Open)

Click “register without logging in”

Complete payment screen

Complete entry information

Complete the waiver form (be sure to “check” I agree)

Print invoice and confirmation


Greenhead Sprints

Registration due no later than March 1, 2017

NOTE: this registration is not yet open- we will advise you when it is to be completed.

Go to website regattacentral.com, click on regattas, scroll down to the scheduled date for “Greenhead Sprints”, click on Greenhead Sprints, click registration, complete.

$20.00 fee due at registration.

Waiver: try to use the electronic waiver, although it may not be available, print Hard copy of waiver, complete and give to coach.


US Rowing Membership 

All athletes must be members of US ROWING!

Freshmen and New Rowers join and existing rowers, renew. Please Go to the website “USROWING.org”

Register for the Basic membership- it is $5.00 to join. This is done annually!

* If your athlete registered last year or this past fall, he will need to go to his profile and update the information

* Ask your rower to complete this step, as they will be asked a few safety questions.




They may log into “ waiver” with their member ID or use Holy Spirit’s Code - KEXNW

If this is updated or created NOW it will not be an issue when our season begins!


School Issued and Required Physical Forms

If this was not taken care of yet this year for other sports or fall crew. Please contact our school nurse prior to the start of first practice to see what forms are missing. If you have not done anything yet for this year - Go onto the school website (Athletics/Forms) and down load the physical, cardiac, steroid (etc) forms. There are 8 of them. They are REQUIRED for ALL NJ Athletes.


Dear Future Spartan Oarsman: 

Holy Spirit Boys Crew is looking for a few good men. The Holy Spirit Crew team is a proud tradition known throughout the world as one of the top high school crew programs with County, State, National and World Champion titles.

Colleges and Universities recognize the Holy Spirit name. If you want to attend to any college with a crew program, they know Holy Spirit. They know they are getting a top notch student athlete.  If you compare our crew athletes with any other sport, you will find our boys have a better chance of getting into the schools they want and receive significantly more in scholarships and financial aid.  All sports are very competitive, but if you are looking for a sports program at Holy Spirit that offers you the best competitive edge in standing out amongst your peers, Holy Spirit Boys Crew will do that for you.

We are looking for boys who are willing to become a part of this tradition. We want boys who are willing to work hard (physically and mentally) to achieve their goals.  Rowing experience is not necessary. You will have the opportunity to learn from proven, successful coaches who have decades of experience and have competed and won at the highest levels of rowing. Holy Spirit Boys Crew will provide you with the best opportunity to become confident in yourself, work as a team, and to become a leader.

To learn more about this great opportunity, feel free to ask any of the oarsmen at school or visit the Holy Spirit Boys Crew web site at www.holyspirithighschool.com (athletics section). You can also reach out to Coach Michael Giegerich via email or at the phone number below.

Best Regards,

Mike Giegerich
Head Coach – Holy Spirit Boys Crew 
Congratulations to the Freshman Boys Four who took Gold at the Atlantic County Rowing Championships on Sunday, May 10th! Pictured with their coxswain receiving their Gold Medals and Trophy. 


The Holy Spirit Boys Crew would like to recognize the 40th Anniversary of the Varsity Eight that won the Schools First Ever Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup at the Royal Henley Regatta in 1974 on the Henley-on-Thames in England. The Crew had previously won during the season the Philadelphia City Scholastic Championship, Stotesbury Championship and Scholastic Rowing Association of America Varsity Eight races. 

This is the First Time any High School in the State of New Jersey ever won this prestigious rowing award that exemplifies a World Championship. 

We would like to recognize our Alumni Rowers for that incredible accomplishment.

  • Bow Seat – Jim Thompson
  • 2 Seat - Geoff Lapres
  • 3 Seat - John O’Connor
  • 4 Seat - Mike Peacock
  • 5 Seat - Mark Brestle
  • 6 Seat - Mark Fickler
  • 7 Seat - Tom Reed
  • Stroke - Ken Monar
  • Cox - Leo Egnor
  • Head Coach - Stan Bergman

Congratulations to Our Home Town “Boys in the Boat” once again!!

Head Coach:
Mike Giegerich'78
Assistant Coaches:  
Stan Bergman
Ernie Huggard'75
Dan BryzGornia'77