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Business Education Department

This course will introduce students to the business aspects of the five segments of the hospitality industry – food and beverage, lodging, travel, tourism, and recreation. A business plan is included that covers hospitality management, human resources, accounting, sales, and marketing. Additionally, the roles, responsibilities, and required skills of individuals choosing hospitality as a career path are included.
This course is designed for first-year accounting students with strong math skills. It is suggested for students interested in pursuing a business-oriented career. Focused attention to detail is required as the accounting cycle presents journals, ledgers, and reports for a service business organized as proprietorship, and then a merchandising business organized as a partnership. An automated accounting simulation and related software provide experience to prepare students for career opportunities directly out of high school, college level courses after graduation, or for use in their own businesses.
This course introduces students to the world of business and prepares them for the economic roles of consumer and entrepreneur. The Business portion of the course will examine scarcity, productivity, supply and demand, and the business cycle. The stock market portion of the course will place emphasis upon the various stock markets and their sensitivity to the Global Economy. Use of the Computer Lab for market analysis will be included, as well as group learning activities and outside readings and research.