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Guidance Curriculum


General Guidance Meetings:

Each academic year Guidance holds three evening presentations on College Guidance, Financial Aid and NCAA Eligibility open to all students with specific emphasis on attendance by Juniors and Seniors and their Parents. 

Each year, Guidance holds special meetings for incoming Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors and their parents.

Year 1: Freshman Year

At Registration (Spring before Freshman year), meet with each student and his/her parents to discuss course selection for Freshman year.

Week before school starts hold Freshmen Parent/Student meeting in evening with separate program for the parents and the students, which includes a comprehensive presentation on school rules and policies with focus on the expectations in high school, talk about importance of academic success and getting involved with guidance being a component of this presentation.

Freshman Seminar is mandatory for all Freshmen except those in Art and Music electives. The four components of this program are:
     *  Guidance
     *  Standardized Test Preparation
     *  Computers
     *  Public Speaking

The Guidance component includes:
     *  study habits
     *  time management/balancing demands
     *  social adjustment
     *  organizational skills
     *  involvement in sports and activities
     *  Introduction to Naviance & career exploration

Fall Meeting: Guidance staff meets with each student individually at least once in the Fall (usually more than once) to touch base, review schedules, and see how student is organizing themselves.

Spring Meeting: meet with students individually at least once (often more) to review academic progress, discuss importance of being involved and talk about course selection for Sophomore year.

Year 2: Sophomore Year

Sophomore Seminar is mandatory for all Sophomores not in Art and Music electives. The Sophomore Seminar is a year of Guidance focusing on :

* skills and interests survey/assessment
* college and career awareness and exploration
* continued work on Naviance
  (addresses skills, college and career issues)
* interviewing skills
* discussion of importance of forming relationships with teachers
  and coaches for recommendations for college

PSAT’s are administered to all Sophomores in October. 

Fall Meeting: Meet individually or in small groups after PSAT’s results are received. Discuss performance on test, ways to improve, and test taking preparation. General Guidance update done with students including evaluating academic performance and involvement.

Year 3: Junior Year

Fall: Meet with students individually to stress the importance of academics and involvement in junior year. Discuss college/career plans as well as NCAA Clearinghouse, PSATs, SATs, SAT Subject Tests, ACT and AP test.

A financial aid information session will be held one evening during the fall.

Winter: Discuss PSAT results and upcoming standardized testing registration. Discuss college/career planning, encourage college research and visiting college campuses. Review grades.

Spring: Discuss post-secondary planning progress and standardized test results. Discuss additional test registration and suggestions. Discuss letters of recommendation and resume. Review Common Application essay questions. Discuss ED/EA and application deadlines.   Request letters of recommendation.

Counselor will also meet with students as needed or requested.

Year 4: Senior Year

Sessions will be held in late summer/early September to assist students with the Common Application.

Fall: Meet with students to answer college application questions and review essays. Discuss deadlines. Request additional letters of recommendation. Submit all ED/EA applications by the end of September. Encourage scholarship applications.   Discuss alternate post-secondary plans.

A financial aid information session will be held one evening during the fall.

Winter: Meet with students to discuss ED/EA results and post-secondary plans. Encourage scholarship applications.

Spring: Discuss college commitments and college preparedness. Discuss what to expect freshman year.