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Spartan Students & Parents

Letter from the Principal

Dear Holy Spirit High School Students and Parents,


            Hopefully you have had a productive and restful summer and are looking forward to beginning a new school year! We, too, have been busy this summer. The school has been cleaned and polished, some painting has taken place, and Sophomore Hall has gotten a facelift. We will soon be ready to welcome everyone back! I am sure you are finishing your summer reading as well as your math assignments which will be assessed by your teachers when you return to school.


            We open our school year with our Freshman coming to school on September 5th for Freshmen Orientation on an abbreviated day schedule from 7:50 am - 1:00 pm. Our regular school hours are 7:50 am – 2:05 pm. Our Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors will return on Thursday, September 6th (on a staggered schedule – please check the website.) All students will return for a full day of school on Friday, September 7. ID pictures will be taken on Monday, September 10 and it is important for all students to be present that day. We will welcome Bishop Dennis J. Sullivan as Principal Celebrant of our Opening Liturgy on Monday, September 17th at 11:30 am.


            One of the most important and time consuming responsibilities of the summer is to create the Master Schedule from which each student is provided his or her individual class schedule. In March of this past school year, we met with the students and spoke to them about their individual course selections. Their teachers took time out of their teaching day to speak with the students about their course choices for the coming year. The teachers encouraged our students to take classes which would challenge them but also allow them to be successful. Students had the opportunity to speak with their Guidance Counselors and ultimately parents signed off on the course selection choices. The information your student (and you) provided at that time was vitally important as we set our budget and planned for the teaching staff needed for the current school year.


            Please familiarize yourself with the uniform policy at Holy Spirit which is found in our Student/Parent Handbook. Flynn & O’Hara Uniforms is our uniform provider and they have a store located in Cherry Hill or you may order online. Individual uniform pieces must be purchased from Flynn & O’Hara. Trousers for the gentlemen must be Flynn & O’Hara khakis – this has become an issue in the past couple of years so we are asking for your cooperation in purchasing the correct uniform trousers. For our sophomore, junior and senior ladies, please make it a point to check the length of the skort. The emblem embroidered near the hem must be in plain sight and if there is not an embroidered emblem, please purchase an appropriate uniform skort. Flynn & O’Hara offers an appropriate length for some of our taller girls so please make sure the skort length is in compliance.


            We stressed to the students the importance of the course selection process and asked them to choose two additional elective choices which could be used in the event a student was closed out of another chosen elective course. Students were able to make changes to their course selections until the beginning of July. After that, the scheduling process was in full swing. Your student’s schedule has been created based on his or her choices so I would ask you to be aware there will be few, if any, course changes. There will be a Course Change fee of $25.00 should a course change be able to be accommodated and no changes will be accommodated to change a lunch period. Students will have until Friday, September 21 to determine if a change may be needed due to wrong placement in a course – a course change request form may be requested from the Guidance Office and that request form will need to be signed by a parent and returned with the Course Change fee for the change to be accomplished. 

            We will again partner with Follett Virtual Bookstores. Students will need to have their schedules in order to determine what books will need to be purchased and the ordering process takes place online. Please do not attempt to order textbooks before receiving the schedules. For the most part the purchased books are workbooks used in Language classes and some Science classes. Students will also receive “State” textbooks (which include codes to download textbooks onto their devices.) Those books – whether hard copies or digital books are purchased by the State of New Jersey and loaned to the students. The textbooks are issued at the beginning of the school year and must be returned at the end of the year in good condition. The online books will no longer be activated once the new school year begins. Students will be financially responsible for any “State” book not returned at the end of the year. More information regarding textbooks will be provided to the Freshmen at the Technology Distribution Day on August 29th.


            We are happy to welcome Chartwells Food Service who will provide lunch service to our school community this year. Chartwells is a nationally recognized company who provides food service to colleges and high schools and we are all looking forward to what they will present and provide for our students. We will also be able to resume our relationship with PayPams which will allow parents to put lunch money “on account” and students will be able to draw down on their account on a daily basis. The accounts are linked to the bar code on the Student ID so their accounts will become active during the second week of school.


            It is important that you visit our website to see the opening week schedule which begins on Wednesday, September 5 as well as other information you need to help with a smooth transition as we begin our new year.


            I wish you all a most successful and growth filled year! 



Miss Susan W. Dennen


Insurance Information

Dear Parent or Guardian:


Because we feel that accident coverage for your child(ren) is very important, we have secured a Special School Time Accident Policy for all students attending Holy Spirit High School and participating in any school sponsored and supervised after school programs.


The coverage is being offered through A-G Administrators. The insurance carrier is Great American Insurance Company.


The school time policy is excess coverage. This means that benefits will be paid that are not payable by any other insurance policy or group service contract.


If you have coverage through an HMO or (similar organization), you must comply with their requirements or your claim will not be covered under this policy.


This insurance only applies if all of the following conditions are met:


  • The accident results from a school sponsored and supervised activity;
  • Initial treatment is rendered within 90 days from the date of the accident; and
  • A completed claim form is mailed to A-G Administrators and postmarked within 30 days after the date of the accident.


The claim form must be provided by the school. Other terms and restrictions may apply.


iPad Policy and Program

There is a list of acceptable Apps which will need to be downloaded onto your iPad. Very few of these Apps have an associated cost but in some cases, teachers will ask students to download an App needed for class which may have a nominal fee. The teachers will provide that information to the students during the first days of class.  For more information see the iPad Policy and Program.

iPads are a wonderful learning tool and we anticipate a great year of enhanced learning. Your teachers have been working hard to discover new ways to present the curriculum to you. Your patience and full cooperation will be needed as we navigate this new experience!

FACTS Tuition Management

In the blue folder you received when you registered for the 2017-2018 School Year was information regarding the FACTS Tuition Management Company.


Please go to: FACTS Tuition Management Website to register!

Mandatory Health Forms


* Every incoming freshman MUST have a comprehensive physical and provide proof of immunizations in order to be enrolled and begin classes in school in September.
Additional Athletic Forms for any student participating in a SPORT:

Spartan Store

The Spartan Store is your one-stop shopping spot for Uniforms, Textbooks, Spirit Gear, Yearbooks, Class Ring, Scrip Orders and more!