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Capital Campaign Donors

Created Anew Capital Campaign Donors

Thank you to our thoughtful donors who have provided the leadership and financial generosity pledging nearly $1,000,000 to date!
Please join them in helping Holy Spirt become Created Anew.
Robert & Christine Allen
Susan Almeida
Jon & Darlene Astin
Frank & Adeline Blee, Sr
Mary P. Boyle
George & Kay Brestle
Timothy M. Briles, PhD
Capaldi Reynolds & Pelosi
Reverend Perry A. Cherubini
James T. Connell, Jr.
Jay Connell
Kevin P. Connell
Terrence & Patricia Connell
Therese M. Connell
Dr. Jim & Lori Dalzell
Drs. Lawrence & Antoinette Delaney
Susan W. Dennen
Patty Huggard Dollin
Alda Fabietti
Honorable Carol A. Fabietti
Victor & Wendy Fabietti
Michael & Carmella Freund
Vivian Reale Fugee
John & Theresa Garrity
Kristen & Joe Gindhart
Mark & Pamela Gouge
Mary Lou Hare
Holy Spirit High School Fathers’ Club
Ernest & Mary Huggard
Patricia Huggard
Judith Huggard-Gallagher
James W. Kay
Tom & Diane Kresz
Phil & Molly Kraker 
Dr. Faith Seher Madden
Angela Mairone-Pestrak
Richard & Michele Mairone
Robert & Jodie Mairone
Bernard & Keely Marczyk
Fred & Megan Marczyk, Esq.
Honorable Joseph & Kathleen Marczyk
Dr. Stanley & Mara Marczyk
Donald A. Marrandino
Peter & Lisa (Calabrese) McLaughlin
Dominic Moffa & Mary Beth Clark, Esq.
Jill Parker & Family
David Pfeifer
Robert & Joan Polisano
Ted Pugliese
Vanessa Reale-Jones
Vaughn & Margaret Reale
Matthew J. Reynolds
Robert “Reds” & Jane Reynolds
Thomas E. Reynolds
John Rynkiewicz, Jr.
Paul Savini and Family
Chris & Alrene Seher
Nan Sloan
Msgr. Joseph Stoerlein (deceased)
Chris & Glen Ann Stoll
John and Nancy Sykes Foundation, Inc.
Thomas & Margaret Sykes
Robert & Susanne Campbell Waldele
Joseph & Brenna Watson
Robert & Lisa Wenz
Susan Zavaglia Werner
Kathleen Wilkins
We work hard to accurately recognize our cherished donors. Our apologies for any omissions or errors, and ask you to please contact us in the Advancement Office (609) 646-3000 x311 with any corrections.
Thank you.