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School Play » HELLO DOLLY! Spring 2019

HELLO DOLLY! Spring 2019

Holy Spirit High School Proudly Presents...

HELLO, DOLLY!...the blockbuster Broadway hit, bursting with humor, romance, high-energy dancing, and some of the greatest songs in musical theater history. The romantic and comic exploits of Dolly Gallagher-Levi, turn-of-the-century matchmaker and “woman who arranges things,” will thrill and entertain you!

Show Times:
Friday, March 15th at 7pm
Saturday, March 16th at 7pm   (Pasta Dinner and Show Package Available)
Sunday, March 17th at 2pm    (Dine with Dolly! Luncheon, Character Meet & Greet and Show Package Available)
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Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi
Molly Pugliese
Alexsia Light
Ambrose Kemper
Aidan Brandt
Horace Vandergelder
Will Pileggi
Bridget Wenz
Cornelius Hackl
Reilly Hall
Barnaby Tucker
Kevin Bell
Minnie Fay
Mia Watson
Irene Molloy
Danielle Cordivari
Mrs. Rose
Chloe Astin
Rudolph Reisenweber
Christopher Finan
Joey Corley
Megan Baldwin * Angela Bannan * Julia Bannan * Nicholas Bannan * Mary Bryz-Gornia * Kiah Cautilli * Katie DeRitis * Bridget Dougherty * Grace Evans * Gabriel Fucetola * Novalyn Grossman * Katelin Keane * Molly McClain * Alexis Piraino * Josephine Ring * Michela Ring