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There will be one show only; you do not want to miss this outstanding production. “TOLTON, FROM SLAVE TO PRIEST” – About Father Tolton: After enduring all forms of racism, he became a priest. Father Tolton’s first assignment was Saint Joseph’s church in his hometown of Quincy. During his two years there he gained enormous respect from many of the German and Irish parishioners, who flocked to Saint Joseph’s to sit with their black brothers and sisters in Christ and hear his inspiring sermons. However, there were those who were jealous of his success in the area, and these were not just some Protestant ministers, but a local Catholic pastor, Father Weiss. This fellow pastor and other bigots gave Father Augustus such a hard time with their racial slurs and backstabbing that Archbishop Feenan of Chicago decided to take the victim away and give him a poor parish on the south side of the city, where there were many Black Catholics who would surely honor a Black priest. Father Tolton Is now being considered for Sainthood.