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Profile of the Holy Spirit Graduate


  • Values human life as sacred, understanding that human dignity is the foundation of the principles of Catholic social teaching, and puts those teachings into practice by making moral and ethical decisions rooted in the Gospel values
  • Acts with compassion toward those less fortunate
  • Exhibits faith leadership and the principles of Christianity as taught by the Catholic Church
  • Is willing to let religious faith influence basic values, lifestyle, and vocational interests
  • Understands and appreciate the uniqueness and value of every person
  • Is able to form opinions on moral issues with clarity using a Christian conscience and strong sense of social justice
  • Grows in their relationship with God, enabling them to follow a moral compass and approach challenges of modern society with insight attained through a Catholic education
  • Develops an understanding of the heritage of the Catholic Faith


  • Masters the academic skills necessary for college and career readiness
  • Thinks critically, listens, and communicates effectively, through oral and written expression
  • Recognizes quality work and chooses to pursue excellence by relying on self-discipline, initiative, creativity, and integrity
  • Demonstrates a strong work ethic through organizational skills, study habits, and effective time management
  • Develops their own gifts and talents as a lifelong learner
  • Effectively uses a variety of technology and media resources

Personal / Social

  • Be productive and informed global citizens
  • Acts as a responsible steward of the environment and an involved citizen of the community
  • Demonstrates personal and social responsibility and recognizes the effects of their actions on the human community
  • Shows respect and appreciation for cultural, religious, and economic diversity
  • Maintains a strong relationship with Holy Spirit High School as an active alum