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Related Arts

Freshman seminar is a well-rounded course that will give students the tools they’ll need in order to be successful in high school. Some of the topics include: study skills, time management, the college and career search process, and transitioning into high school both socially and academically.
This course will focus on college and career readiness, and will provide exposure to college entrance exams. College & career assessments will be used as students begin to research their post-secondary plans.
Practice SAT and/or ACT tests may be used along with other study guides provided by the College Board, ACT, Khan Academy and other resources as deemed appropriate by instructors.
The goal of this course is to enhance the student’s well-being by creating a culture that integrates and balances the dimensions of wellness: social/environmental, physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. Wellness emphasizes individual responsibility for well-being by making choices that will facilitate attainment of a higher level of health and fitness. It is an active process rather than a goal. It means becoming aware, developing attitudes, and engaging in behaviors to make choices that enhance one’s quality of life and maximize one’s physical potential.
This curriculum is designed to promote self-­‐responsibility, motivation and excellence in learning, as well as a life-­‐long commitment to wellness.